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About Me

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Hey there, I’m Bernardo and I’m a Mathematics student. I set up this blog to share some of the projects I work on, immediately after that, however, my free time was pulverized. I enjoy running Linux on potato-like computers (and on actual potatos!), arbitrary precision arithmetics, and weird C bugs. I’m a quantum computing enthusiast as well.

I did some work on factorial algorithms a while back, and I’m working on cappy, an implementation of Euler’s Totient, and an Ackermann calculator. I maintain a beautifier for Bash, and I’m working on my own Rust-based OS called Daedalos. I interned at Async for a while, and I’m now working for Standard Cognition. You can always contact me at

I’m an advocate for Open Source software and freedom of speech. Here are, for curiosity’s sake, some other things I enjoy:

  • Music

    • Grieg, Edvard
    • Ravel, Maurice
    • Rachmaninoff, Sergei
    • King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
    • Black Flag
    • Death Grips
  • Movies

    • Apocalypse Now
    • The Seventh Seal
    • Wild Strawberries
    • The Great Beauty
  • Books

    • The Tale of The Unknown Island - José Saramago
    • The Stranger - Albert Camus
    • The World As Will and Representation - Arthur Schopenhauer
    • In Defense of Lost Causes - Slavoj Žižek
    • Buddenbrooks - Thoman Mann